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RAPID X CHANGE is a regulated foreign currency exchange dealer and is registered with FINTRAC (Reg. No. M18418557) under the Canadian Anti Money Laundering / Counter Terrorism Financing Laws and Regulations. RAPID X CHANGE is licensed to provide a contract to exchange one currency for another that is to be settled immediately by the physical delivery of notes and/or coins in the second currency.

RAPID X CHANGE is a trademark for 1989514 Ontario Incorporation which is a proprietary limited company, in which acquisition will be limited by the number of shares. The business is registered with Ontario Business Program, Ontario Ministry of Government.

We are located in Toronto, RAPID X CHANGE operates in accordance with the requirements of FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) and Canadian Federal Law. All currency exchange transactions that are equal to or exceeding CAD $3,000.00 require a valid Government issued I.D. We monitor all foreign exchange transactions to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

We provide preferred rates to frequent traders and those who want to trade large quantities. Call us for a preferred rate. Please note that rates are for indication only, and are subject to change throughout the day due to market conditions. Customers are welcome to call for live rates. All Rates are in CANADIAN Dollars.

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